Our Lawyers

Romesh is the Founder & Managing Director of B&I Legal Counsel.

An experienced litigator, Romesh focuses on commercial negotiations and dispute resolution. A trained negotiator, Romesh negotiates hard on the issue, soft on the people. Romesh has represented businesses in commercial disputes at all levels of the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario.

Romesh also provides practical business-oriented legal advice to growing companies. With more than half a decade in dispute resolution and licensing law, Romesh embeds his knowledge of brand, business and technology in the legal advice he provides clients.

With over two decades of experience practicing law on Bay Street, Mark McMackin is not your typical commercial lawyer. 

Coming to law from a business background, Mark is an upbeat but street smart advocate whose resourcefulness, humour and ability to connect with others enables him to find creative solutions to tricky legal problems. 

Mark is known for his expertise in the law around converting buildings to condominiums and also has a growing entertainment law practice, representing actors, musicians, producers and other creative professionals across North America.