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FREE negotiation preparation checklist

Preparation is key to success in a negotiation. If you enter into a negotiation without preparation, you are likely to leave value on the table. In the worst case scenario, you might be taken advantage of.

Our FREE Negotiation Preparation Checklist helps you prepare for important negotiations, helping you think through your position, the position of the other party and what the course of the negotiation could possibly look like.


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the b&i negotiation framework is the first step to



the importance of having a negotiation strategy



nine important questions to ask before any negotiation



a negotiation strategy to advance your interests



your decisions with the skills of an experienced negotiator

practical legal advice that helps canadians succeed in the digital economy

After almost a decade of practicing business law, I have seen first hand that success in business and life often comes down to having access to trusted advisors who can provide practical guidance in inform your decisions when it comes to the most important issues.

I also know how difficult it can be to find trusted advice – difficulties that only grow more challenging in an age of uncertainty and full of rapid change.

The B&I Legal E-Resources are practical guides designed to help non-lawyers understand some of the key issues underlying various legal agreements and business arrangements.

The Employment Contract Dictionary is just one of the many resources and tools B&I Legal Counsel offers clients to help inform their decision-making.

I hope the information in the Blueprint contributes to your success.