B&I Legal Counsel Goes to the Grammy's

B&I Legal Counsel Goes to the Grammy’s

In early 2019, Romesh Hettiarachchi and Mark McMackin of B&I Legal Counsel had the incredible opportunity to participated in the celebrations surrounding the 61st Grammy Award celebrations as a result of one of their clients being nominated.

Working in conjunction with our network of entrepreneurs and creative professionals, we took out a full-page ad in the 2019 Grammy booklet to celebrate all 13 Canadian Grammy Award nominees:

B&I Legal Counsel's Ad in the 61st Grammy Award Booklet

The digital ad can be found here: Grammy Ad .

In early February, we decided to make a last minute trip to go to Los Angeles to reconnect with our network of professionals working in the North American creative industry and who'd be in town for the nominees. Through our range of connections, we were incredibly fortunate enough to be able to participate in the Grammy celebrations first hand.

Getting to the ticketing section at the 61st Grammy Awards

There is much we are still thinking about from our journey in Los Angeles… but here are some quick thoughts on some of the reflections we are taking away from this experience that might be familiar (or useful) to entrepreneurial clients & to our broader network:

1. We Were Fortunate

It has to be said: we were tremendously fortunate to be able to participate in the Grammy celebrations. A lot of things had to fall into place to simply have the opportunity available to us; a lot of those things had nothing to do with our abilities as lawyers and legal professionals but more a result of being in the right place and the right time.

2. Networks Matter

Like the creative industry in general, getting to the Grammy's was not only the result of hard work. We relied on the many relationships we have cultivated with our clients and the creative industry in Los Angeles in order to have an incredible experience in an incredible city. We are truly grateful for these relationships.

3. Fortune Favours the Brave

We led efforts to place an ad in the Grammy booklet based on a belief that it is important to celebrate the creative successes of Canadian artists at the Grammy's regardless of whether they are our clients or not.

That decision led to opportunities for us to participate in some way, shape or form, in some of the Grammy celebrations in Los Angeles. We had no clue what way, shape of form those celebrations would take, but we chose to come anyway.

That form ended up being attending the Grammy's in person and participating in some of the pre- and post-events of the Grammys. None of any of this would have been possible without the initial "brave" decision to lead efforts to take out an ad in the Grammy booklet.

4. Being a Good Human Being Opens Doors

One of the biggest things that I've tried to integrate into my legal practice is to always provide value, whether you are being paid or not. This trip to LA has reconfirmed the importance of this lesson.

Yes, there are elements of the LA entertainment scene that can be pretentious. Yes, there are times when I feel like I'm in a sea of peacocks, using their feathers to attract attention. But overwhelmingly, the people that we've encountered have been curious, gracious and more importantly willing to open doors to good human beings.

Again we are super privileged to be around these folks.

If you are an artist looking for experienced legal representation for your next record deal, or a business owner looking for practical legal advice from entrepreneurial lawyers who have passions outside of the office, feel free to reach out to us: [email protected]

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