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Knowing what to include in your commercial contracts can be difficult. In fact, contracts can be downright intimidating if you are not a commercial lawyer.

We believe clients are better able to negotiate their commercial contracts when they are able to identify the issues that need to be included in their contract. That’s why we designed the DealPoints™ Generator – a unique conversational approach to breaking down legal issues in a commercial contract into concepts and language we all understand.

Our DealPoints™ Framework Generator Helps You



important issues to resolve in your commercial contract



the relevance of each issue to your commercial relationship



a negotiating position to advance your commercial interests

rethink how you create and manage commercial relationships

You may think your business does not benefit from legal advice. You may think your business cannot afford legal advice. You may think your business cannot leverage legal advice to generate more money.

Our mission at B&I Legal Counsel is to show you the value of legal advice. Our DealPoints™ Generator is one way we do that.

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As a reminder, all generated documents are intended to be used in conjunction with legal advice from an experienced lawyer and are not a substitute for legal advice tailored for the needs of your business.

You can however use these documents to better understand the role legal advice plays in successful commercial relationships.

Joint Venture Agreement

Looking to pool resources with a partner to explore a new business opportunity?

Use our Joint Venture DealPoint™ Generator to learn what you need to consider in any working relationship with your potential partners.


Legal360 Assessment

Legal360 is our unique approach to assess the legal needs of Canadian businesses looking to succeed in the digital economy.

Access the Legal360 Legal Assessment and schedule an appointment to help us help you succeed.


Employment Agreement

Employees are essential to the success of your business.

Learn what you should include in your employment contracts using our Employment Agreement DealPoint™ Generator.


Independent Contractor Agreement

Looking to hire an external contractor for your business?

Learn some of the key essentials you need to consider in this relationship using our Independent Contractor DealPoint™ Generator.


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