Mark Radha

B&I has been instrumental in the growth of our company. A humanist approach to service delivery and problem-solving are their greatest assets and differentiators. I expect my legal team to integrate seamlessly into my business ecosystem – B&I met and exceeded those expectations.

Sarah L.

Romesh and the team at B&I Legal Counsel were exceptional. We sought their assistance for drafting some business documents – our first time using a lawyer for our business. All interactions were both professional and personable, we appreciated their honesty and accessibility greatly

Michelle F.

Romesh provided me with legal services in a knowledgeable and professional manner. He handled a “personality” on the opposing side that I believe few people could tolerate and brought my conflict to resolution quickly. I highly recommend B&I Legal services.

Tony C.

Romesh was very attentive to our needs and helped get us through the initial formative days of the company. He handled company formation and incorporation smoothly and led efforts to close our pre-seed round.

Leisha Z.

The service I received from Bilawyers was exceptional. The attention to detail, customized, personable approach was second to none. I highly recommend their services.

Robin R.

Our company made the decision to expand into Canada. We required expert legal guidance from the basics of establishing the company, complying with tax laws, creating employment contracts, and more; to the complex legal issues of business-to-business contracting; all while steering the complicated regulations associated with healthcare providers. Romesh has an understanding of clients needs …

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Gerry L.

After working with a few Litigators, I can attest to B&I Legal Counsel’s ability to provide real value to my unique drawn out case and produce an innovative approach to solving the outstanding complex issues. Thank you Romesh and staff for your commitment and uncompromising efforts.

Vipoo G.

Romesh has been my lawyer since 2016, he’s very attentive, through and tries to find the best solution possible for your situation. He’s also very easy to get a hold of and works round the clock to ensure you are taken care of. Thank you Romesh!

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